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Hallgatóknak: TDK, UNKP

I am a member of the MTA-ELTE Egerváry Research Group (EGRES), at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. My CV.

Office: D3-506


Research interest:

chip-firing, graph polytopes, algebraic combinatorics, algorithms, complexity

I am interested in questions related to the the sandpile group, the chip-firing and rotor-routing games, especially in their algorithmic aspects.

I am also interested in the way ribbon structures of graphs yield shellable dissections of graph polytopes, and how these dissections can be used to compute certain graph polynomials.

Slides from some talks

 Papers and preprints

Kristóf Bérczi, Hung P. Hoang, Lilla Tóthmérész, On approximating the rank of graph divisors, submitted, (arXiv)

Lilla Tóthmérész, A geometric proof for the root-independence of the greedoid polynomial of Eulerian branching greedoids (arXiv)

Tamás Kálmán, Lilla Tóthmérész, h^*-vectors of graph polytopes using activities of dissecting spanning trees (arXiv)

Tamás Kálmán, Lilla Tóthmérész, Ehrhart theory of symmetric edge polytopes via ribbon structures (arXiv)

Tamás Kálmán, Lilla Tóthmérész, Root polytopes and Jaeger-type dissections for directed graphs, accepted to Mathematika (arXiv)

Lilla Tóthmérész, Rotor-routing reachability is easy, chip-firing reachability is hard, European Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 101, March 2022, 103466 (arXiv)

Gergő Gombos, Lilla Tóthmérész, Tamás Király, and Sándor Laki, Flow Fairness with Core-Stateless Resource Sharing in Arbitrary Topology, submitted

Viktor Kiss, Lionel Levine, Lilla Tóthmérész, The devil's staircase for chip firing on random graphs and on graphons, submitted (arXiv)

Tamás Kálmán, Seunghun Lee, Lilla Tóthmérész, The sandpile group of a trinity and a canonical definition for the planar Bernardi action, to appear in Combinatorica (arXiv) slides, a simplified extract concentrating on the canonical definition

Tamás Kálmán, Lilla Tóthmérész, Hypergraph polynomials and the Bernardi process, Algebraic Combinatorics, Volume 3 (2020) no. 5 p. 1099-1139 (arXiv)

Andreas Gross, Farbod Shokrieh, Lilla Tóthmérész, Effective divisor classes on metric graphs, accepted to Mathematische Zeitschrift (arXiv)

Bálint Hujter, Lilla Tóthmérész, Chip-firing based methods in the Riemann-Roch theory of directed graphs, European Journal of Combinatorics 78: pp. 90-104. (2019) (arXiv)

Lilla Tóthmérész, Algorithmic aspects of rotor-routing and the notion of linear equivalence, Discrete Applied Mathematics 236: pp. 428-437. (2018) (arXiv)

Zoltán Király, Lilla Tóthmérész, On Ryser's conjecture for t-intersecting and degree-bounded hypergraphs, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 24:(4) Paper #P4.40. (2017) (arXiv)

Bálint Hujter, Viktor Kiss, Lilla Tóthmérész, On the complexity of the chip-firing reachability problem,  Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 145 (2017), 3343-3356 (arXiv)

Viktor Kiss, Lilla Tóthmérész, Chip-firing games on Eulerian digraphs and NP-hardness of computing the rank of a divisor on a graph, Discrete Applied Mathematics 193 (2015) 48-56 (arXiv)

Gregory Kucherov, Lilla Tóthmérész, Stéphane Vialette, On the combinatorics of suffix arrays, Information Processing Letters 113 (2013) 915-920 (arXiv)

My thesis